Award Winning Cannabis-Infused Topicals

 Mary Jane’s Medicinals is a pioneer in the world of cannabis infused topicals. For over ten years, they have been helping people find relief from pain, achieve faster healing from injuries and enjoy more relaxation. Contact Desert Extracts to learn how you can now offer these special products in your Oklahoma dispensary. 

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Benefits of Mary Jane’s Medicinals’ infused topicals:

  • Made with rich plant oils and healing herbs
  • Award-winning
  • All-natural and organic
  • Does not produce psychoactive effects
  • Effective for pain management and healing

If you’re looking to source only the best products for your Oklahoma dispensary, then you need cannabis-infused topicals from Mary Jane’s Medicinals. An industry pioneer with a loyal following, Mary Jane’s produces all-natural lotions, balms, and salves infused with cannabis and other plant oils and flower essences. Until recently, Mary Jane’s Medicinals’ products were only available in Colorado, but that changed when Desert Extracts was awarded the distribution rights for the state of Oklahoma.

A Holistic Approach to Health

For people looking to tap into the power of mother nature as part of a holistic healing approach, Mary Jane’s Medicinals offer products that have been found to be effective for pain management, improved skin health, and faster healing of injuries, among other benefits.  Compared to cannabis products that are ingested or inhaled, cannabis-infused topicals don’t produce psychoactive results making them a favorite among users who want the benefits of using a cannabis product while still maintaining a clear head. 

The cannabis-infused salve, the most popular MJM product, is made with organic plant oils like grape seed oil and avocado oil allowing it to absorb quickly and easily into the skin without feeling greasy. Users of the salve will also enjoy the light, calming scent that comes from the peppermint, lavender, and orange essential oils that the product contains. Help your body heal naturally with the relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving benefits of Mary Jane’s salve. 

More Effective Than CBD

Because Mary Jane’s Medicals’ infusions are made using the entire plant, they contain THC and  CBD, as well as other beneficial plant components. As a result, consumers benefit from the “entourage effect” meaning the combined ingredients work together and are more effective than when used alone.

Get Mary Jane’s Medicinals Through Desert Extracts

Desert Extracts is licensed in the state of Oklahoma as a producer of high-quality cannabis concentrates, and recently we were awarded the distribution rights for Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Take advantage of being able to offer your customers a best-seller like Mary Jane’s Salve. It’s been providing people with healing relief for over 10 years.     

Looking to source more than just topicals? Desert Extracts can be your trusted source for a variety of products in a wide range of flavors. All of our concentrates are made using live resin extracts, making them the best, and most potent that money can buy. We sell our concentrates in many forms under the name “Slow Burn,” a concentrate that people have come to ask for by name. Contact us to find out how you can source Slow Burn vape cartridges and pens, as well as shatter, sugar, and crumble for your store. 


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