Slow Burn Concentrates

Buy From the Source

 Desert Extracts isn’t just a distributor of Slow Burn cannabis concentrates — we manufacture them in our own facility. This allows complete control over the process, ensuring that the highest quality and safety standards are met. Provide your customers with a consistently enjoyable experience and buy directly from the source when you get Slow Burn directly from Desert Extracts.

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Benefits of Slow Burn cannabis concentrates:

  • Made using live-resin extracts
  • High potency
  • Higher concentration of terpenes
  • More complex, fuller flavor
  • Stronger aroma
  • Faster, more effective therapeutic effects

Experienced consumers enjoy cannabis not only for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits but also for its complex taste and aroma. That’s why more and more consumers are turning to cannabis concentrates for their consumption enjoyment. Concentrates are unique and desirable forms of cannabis prized for their ability to achieve quicker results with less product. Many people also enjoy the freedom of being able to consume cannabis in ways other than smoking. Cannabis concentrates can take on many forms that vary in color and have a variety of viscosities, depending on how they will be consumed. Vape oil, tinctures, dabs, shatter, crumble, and wax are just some of the forms cannabis concentrates can take.

Live Resin Extracts Make All the Difference

While there are clearly dozens of different types of cannabis products and an equal number of ways to consume them, the most notable advance in the cannabis industry has been the introduction of live resin extracts. For a truly premium product and the most enjoyable experience, nothing compares to products made using live resin.

Unlike other products that are made after the harvested plant is allowed to dry and cure, products made with live resin rely on fresh plants that are flash-frozen immediately after harvesting. A solvent is then used to extract the desirable components such as plant terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Through careful handling and specialized equipment, this type of extraction method seeks to capture the complete essence of the plant and preserve terpene content, while also refining and removing unwanted compounds.

Offer Your Customers Slow Burn Cannabis Concentrates

Desert Extracts is a licensed producer of high-quality cannabis concentrates in the state of Oklahoma. All of our products produced under the name “Slow Burn” are made using live resin extraction technology. Consumers have come to know Slow Burn for its ability to provide an elevated experience and they ask for it by name. Offer your customers live resin products that provide the ultimate in flavor and aroma for a truly remarkable experience. Contact Desert Extracts to find out how you can source Slow Burn shatter, sugar, and crumble, as well as vape cartridges and pens for your store.

Looking to source more than just concentrates? Partner with Desert Extracts as your trusted source for Mary Jane’s Medicinals’ cannabis-infused topicals. These award-winning products from Colorado are prized for their pain-relieving and skin-healing benefits without producing a psychoactive effect. Previously only available in Colorado, Desert Extracts was recently awarded the distribution rights to these highly sought-after products. Now you can take advantage of being able to offer your customers products from Mary Jane’s Medicinals — a company that’s been providing people with natural options for healing relief for over 10 years.

To learn more about our cannabis concentrates made with live resin extracts or to find out how to partner with Desert Extracts, visit our website. We can help your Oklahoma dispensary provide the cannabis products your customers want at a level of quality they demand!

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