Desert Extracts Wins Vape Cartridge of the Year by The Oklahoma Connoisseur

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Desert Extracts, producer of cannabis extracts, was recently featured in Oklahoma’s premier medical marijuana newspaper, The Connoisseur. According to an article published in their January 2020 edition, the editor of The Connoisseur, Patti Locklear Holland, went on a quest to find her favorite vape cartridge. After trying cartridges from over a dozen different companies, Patti bestowed the title of “The Connoisseur’s 2019 Vape Cartridge of the Year” to Desert Extracts.   

Medical Marijuana — A Growing Industry in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma cannabis industry has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since voters approved a measure to allow the use of medical marijuana in June of 2018. All of that growth has allowed many different products to hit the market, and with the abundance of choices available, it leaves many consumers wondering how to decide which to buy. 

Just like searching for a fine whisky or craft beer, you can find all levels of quality when it comes to medical marijuana. And cannabis extracts, in particular, can have a wide range of flavors and aromas, not to mention inconsistency when it comes to potency. That’s why it’s important to seek out companies like Desert Extracts. We have a passion for high-quality cannabis and take it very seriously. 

Why Desert Extracts is Different From All the Rest

When it comes to creating cannabis extracts, there are ways to cut costs and cut corners, but that’s not how we do it. At Desert Extracts, we don’t just source great products — we make them. We have a dedicated lab and highly-specialized equipment that is used to create only the best, live resin extracts. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart from the others:

The Process

Cannabis extracts that are made using live resin extracts are unique — they aren’t something you can make in your kitchen. Making live resin requires processors to follow a specific freezing and extraction process, and using special equipment to do it. This means that extracts made with live resin will naturally cost more money, but for cannabis enthusiasts, it’s well worth it.  

The Ingredients

The point of using live resin is to preserve the terpene content in the cannabis plant. Terpenes are known for giving plants their distinctive aroma and taste, and many believe they contribute to cannabis’ therapeutic benefits. The standard method of creating extracts involves a drying and curing process during which the terpenes tend to degrade. Live resin, however, is made by flash-freezing the plants right after they are picked so the terpene content can be preserved.

 Dedication to Quality

It’s certainly easier to make cannabis extracts using the standard process and adding artificial terpenes in the end — that’s the way some producers make it. But, at Desert Extracts, we respect the whole plant and work to create products that will give consumers an elevated experience and a clean high. Because we manufacture our own products in our own facility, we are able to maintain strict control over quality and consistency.

Contact Desert Extracts

Desert Extracts is honored to be featured in The Connoisseur. Doing things the right way takes more time and effort, but it’s what makes all the difference if your goal is to create the best cannabis extracts on the market. 

Are you looking for a supplier to partner with — one who can provide your Oklahoma dispensary with the best and most asked-for products? Give us a call or contact us through our website to learn how you can stock products from Desert Extracts in your store. 


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