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Passionate and driven, the Desert Extracts team was established with the sole mission of elevating the cannabis experience for both medical and recreational consumers. Providing licensed cannabis retailers with THC-infused topical solutions and high-potency cannabis concentrates, we strive to be a trusted source for Oklahoma dispensaries.

Since even the prospect of marijuana legalization began circulating, we’ve been immersed in the research and development of various cannabis-based products. Our goal was to always provide users a safe, yet highly potent and easy-to-use consumer-grade product. By manufacturing our own cannabis concentrates and extracts, within our own facility, we can confidently stand behind their quality.

With leading, sought-after brands such as Mary Jane’s Medicinals and Slow Burn Concentrates, we know we’ve accomplished our goal. Mary Jane’s Medicinals provides the many health benefits of a cannabis salve, while Slow Burn Concentrates delivers an enjoyable dabbing experience; each brand  could easily rival even the oldest makers.

The Desert Extracts’ team of leaders includes:
● Ryan Rippetoe – Owner & Facility Manager
● Derek Woods – Owner & Director of Sales
● Toby Rippetoe – VP of Business Development
● Aaron Taylor – Lead Grower
● JJ Whorton – Lab Tech

We only partner with licensed and governed Oklahoma dispensaries. If you would like to become a retail source of Mary Jane’s Medicinals or Slow Burn Concentrates, contact the Desert Extracts wholesale team now.

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